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Privacy policy

Biounique undertakes not to transmit the personal data of website users to third parties, but only to use them only for the purpose of establishing contact with its customers, selling products, informing users about their account on the website, the evolution of orders placed, requesting the evaluation of products used by on the site, receiving offers, gifts and information on aspects related to the operation of the site and the offers on the site.

Any user can request us to delete their account and personal data at any time.

According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and of Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of private life in the electronic communications sector Biounique, has the obligation to manage in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data that you provide us about you. The purpose of data collection is to honor your orders, in the online trading system, to inform you about promotions, news, offers.
You are obliged to provide the data, as they are necessary for the fulfillment of the online trade acts, respectively the purchase of the products. Your refusal. determines the inability to produce the commercial act and therefore the impossibility of purchasing products online. The registered information is intended for use by the operator and is not communicated to third parties. According to Law no. 677/2001, you benefit from the right of access, intervention on the data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to go to court. At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you and to request the deletion of the data.

We will use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. For the provision of Biounique services for your benefit

This general purpose may include, as appropriate, the following:

a) Account creation and administration within the Biounique platform;

b) Order processing, including their receipt, validation, dispatch and invoicing;

c) Solving cancellations or problems of any nature related to an order, goods or services purchased;

d) Returning the products according to the legal provisions;

e) Reimbursement of the counter value of the products according to the legal provisions;

f) Providing support services, including providing answers to your questions regarding your orders or biounique goods and services

g) We may call you to see if you are satisfied with the products purchased from and help you find the right product for you.

The processing of your data for these purposes is in most cases necessary for the conclusion and performance of a contract between Biounique and you. Also, certain processing subsumed for these purposes is required by applicable law, including tax and accounting law.

To whom we transmit your personal data:

As appropriate, we may transmit or provide access to certain of your personal data to the following categories of recipients:

– courier service providers;

– payment/banking service providers;

– marketing service providers

- other companies with which we can develop joint programs for offering our goods and services on the market.

How we protect the security of your personal data

We are committed to ensuring the security of personal data by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures in accordance with industry standards.

The transmission of your personal data is done using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms and we store them on secure servers, ensuring data redundancy at the same time.


What is a cookie?

Cookie ("browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie") is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which is stored on any terminal with Internet access (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and is installed by requesting issued by a web server to a browser (eg: Internet Explorer, Chrome).

They do not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access the information on the user's hard drive.

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • website operation,
  • to analyze the behavior of website visitors,
  • for advertising.

When you visit our website, personal data is automatically recorded with the help of Cookies. Activating cookies makes it easier for you to surf the Internet. Cookies are files created by websites you've visited that store information such as your preferred language or profile information.

Later, when you return to the site, the browser sends the cookies that belong to it. This one
allow the site to store your shopping cart, keep you logged in to the site, provide
the ability to keep information personalized by you

You can disable and refuse to receive cookies through your browser
this may make certain sites difficult to navigate or use. The settings of
modification of cookies can be found in all modern browsers.

For example, blocking cookies may prevent you from:

  • • buy online
  • • log in to your account