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The BioUnique story

Starting from my own need to find the right solution for the skin problems I was facing, I developed and cultivated - with great skill and consistency - the passion for the cream formulations and recipes made "at home", by myself. By testing and perfecting the combinations of natural ingredients, we thus arrived at the creation of the cream that would give the skin the care it needed, namely the Anti-Acne Cream.
We perfected the cream recipes, which were always appreciated and recommended by those who tried them, and this transformed and became, over time, the mission to offer the benefits of natural, handmade products to everyone who needed them.
The natural ingredients used in Biounique products have extraordinary properties for the skin and give the creams a distinct texture by being fine and concentrated.
With the help of the team of pharmacists and dermatologists, we notified and verified each individual product in accredited laboratories in Romania and abroad.

The BIOUNIQUE range of products in collaboration with nature offers you products that, regardless of age or skin type, will give you a fresh, blemish-free or acne-free, well-moisturized skin that will restore beauty in years to come and help you feel young and beautiful in any circumstance.

The products we prepare do not sit on the shelf, they are prepared and shipped in a few days!

Alexandra Nikita