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Article: Caffeine for dark circles ......benefits

Cafeina pentru cearcăne ......beneficii - BioUnique

Caffeine for dark circles ......benefits

The appearance of dark circles can have various causes such as: sleepless nights, genetics, the skin around the eyes is not properly hydrated, people with darker skin are more prone to it and health problems, i.e. if you have thyroid problems you should consider that's why you also have the concussions.

Basically, the circles are blood vessels and when the body does not receive enough oxygen they become more pronounced. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive and thinnest skin and it is recommended to take care of it carefully, especially since this is where the first wrinkles appear. Smoking and alcohol are two things that greatly accentuate the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. We definitely don't want to have deep dark circles every day. That's why there are certain ingredients that we can use to reduce the dark circles around the eyes, even the deep and black ones.

Caffeine for dark circles is one of these ingredients being very good for reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes. That's why we recommend using products containing caffeine in eye contour creams. Caffeine has a lipolytic, draining effect, stimulating blood circulation, it also helps to reduce the bags under the eyes by having an anti-edematous effect and, last but not least, it tones the skin around the eyes. Caffeine for dark circles is one of the ingredients often found in eye contour creams.

Other recommendations for protecting the skin around the eyes is wearing sunglasses, including in winter. Massage around the eyes is another simple thing that we can do, very beneficial when you apply the anti-dark circles cream gently massage for at least 5 minutes with circular movements, drink water and reduce caffeine consumption. For quality sleep, try not to eat or especially drink alcohol or smoke at least 3 hours before going to bed, and of course try not to fall asleep very late. Sleep helps a lot in reducing dark circles and regenerates the whole body.

The anti-dark circles and bags under the eyes cream from the Biounique range is not a treatment, but a cream that is applied daily in the morning and evening to reduce and keep under control dark circles and bags under the eyes. We use pure caffeine in the eye cream, being highly concentrated and with visible results if used properly and consistently.

Try to make changes in your lifestyle, apply the cream from the Biounique range and you will see remarkable differences. The skin will be smoother, dark circles will be reduced including fine wrinkles and the skin will be much more hydrated.

Establish a daily routine to be able to have a beautiful complexion and an eye contour with reduced dark circles and wrinkles!

How do you take care of the skin around your eyes?....if you take care of it, that would be another question... 😊

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Am comandat, abia astept s-o folosesc si sunt sigura ca o sa fiu multumita de rezultate.

Anghel Maria

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