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Article: Tips for taking care of an acne-prone skin

Sfaturi pentru ingrijirea unui ten acneic - BioUnique

Tips for taking care of an acne-prone skin

Acne is a skin condition, the sebaceous gland produces a lot of sebum and produces many cells around the pores. That is why the most important thing is to wash the skin correctly in the morning and in the evening. So that we can clean the clogged pores very well. Even if we apply makeup, the skin is exposed to environmental factors: dust and pollution. If the skin is not cleaned properly, it is a very fertile ground for the development of bacteria that lead to the appearance of pimples. And it's not just simple pimples, but blackheads or deep cysts that are painful. When you look in the mirror and see acne, you know the first step is WASHING YOUR SKIN.

In the Biounique range we have prepared a special cleansing gel containing castor pearls. It provides a very gentle exfoliation in the morning and evening and cleans the skin very well. It does not dry the skin, it leaves it clean and hydrated.

Another special product from the Biounique range is the anti-acne cream rich in ingredients that act to reduce acne, help inflamed skin and destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Anti-acne cream , gets rid of pimples, reduces the size of pores, acts on blackheads and does not dry the skin. Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic oil. Also, salicylic acid is a natural ingredient rich in beta-hydroxy acids, it visibly improves the appearance of the skin, acting very well against blackheads, unclogging pores. Anti-acne cream is a must have to be able to have smooth skin without pimples.

Apply non-comedogenic make-up products on the skin and do not exfoliate the skin with products that contain very abrasive ingredients. That's why we opted for castor pearls because they are very, very gentle on the skin.

Wash your skin properly and apply the cream night after night and you will see the difference in your skin!

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