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Article: Looking for a mask for blackheads?

Cauți o mască pentru punctele negre? - BioUnique

Looking for a mask for blackheads?

Blackheads are a big problem for almost everyone including men. Excess sebum in the skin automatically leads to the formation of dead cells and this is how whiteheads appear. Sebum is good for having hydrated skin, but it should not be in excess because this is how comedones and subsequently blackheads appear. That means the pores are blocked and the skin can no longer breathe, which is essential for a beautiful complexion. It is very important to treat the skin properly to stop having problems with blackheads or blackheads.
A blackhead mask is essential to use 2-3 times a week. If you have excess sebum, you can use it 3 times in the first month to regulate excess sebum. Activated charcoal is a perfect ingredient for cleaning the skin that is affected by blackheads but also by the impurities on the skin that are deposited daily. The activated charcoal in the face mask acts like a magnet, absorbing all impurities, sebum and blackheads. In particular, masks with activated charcoal are suitable for oily skin with open pores and help to eliminate pimples. But beware, charcoal is not suitable for dry skin.
A simple skin routine will help you have clean and beautiful skin.
Take care of your skin!

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