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Article: Are you bothered by pigment spots on your skin?

Te deranjează petele pigmentare de pe ten? - BioUnique

Are you bothered by pigment spots on your skin?

Melacocytes are the cells that produce melanin, which leads to the appearance of pigment spots on the skin. The causes are due to the hyperactivity of these cells. Too much exposure to the sun and especially without sun protection is a main factor that leads to the appearance of pigment spots. That is why it is recommended to use cream with a sun protection factor in the summer but also in the winter.

Another factor that leads to the formation of pigment spots is exposure to chemicals that stimulate the production of melanin in the skin. That is why it is advisable to use products that are as natural as possible for our skin. Including contraceptives can lead to hormonal imbalances and a blotchy complexion.

Aggressive exfoliation or chemical peels can sensitize the skin and facilitate the appearance of blemishes. During pregnancy or after pregnancy, there can also be an excess of melanin that can lead to the appearance of brown spots on the skin or body. Brown pigment spots can appear on the skin, neck, décolleté, back or hands.

Melasma can affect any skin type from dry to acne-prone.

How can you prevent the appearance of pigment spots?

Always apply cream with a protective factor when you leave the house even if you put on make-up and the foundation also has a protective base. Try to have a balanced lifestyle without smoking and eat as healthy food as possible. Better less and quality than more and bad for the body.

At Biounique, we have created an Anti-Pigmentation Spot Cream that contains powerful and natural ingredients that reduce spots and give skin brightness. It is used only in the evening and during the day it is mandatory to use a cream with a sun protection factor.

Take care of your skin every day with natural products!

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