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Article: Acmella extract - A natural anti-wrinkle ingredient

Extractul de Acmella  - Un ingredient anti-rid natural - BioUnique

Acmella extract - A natural anti-wrinkle ingredient

Wrinkles and sagging skin are problems that start to appear at the age of 25. That's why we have to prevent and also act on wrinkles where they already are. A natural ingredient that we successfully use in the Anti-aging Cream is acmella extract. It comes from Brazil and only the flowers from which this wonderful natural ingredient is extracted are harvested. After the liquid is extracted from the plant's flowers, the remaining residue is used as fertilizer in agriculture.

This ingredient acts directly on the collagen in the skin which is what gives us smooth and wrinkle-free skin. The lack of collagen in the skin leads to the roughness of the skin and the subsequent appearance of wrinkles without elasticity. This extract visibly improves the appearance of the skin (wrinkles and sagging skin) by reorganizing the structure of the dermis, stimulates cells and evens out the appearance of the skin if used consistently. This ingredient is not used as such but only in cosmetic compositions.

The skin regains its firmness, wrinkles are reduced, the skin has elasticity, a smooth and healthy appearance!

Do you use the Anti-Aging Cream from the Biounique range?

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Recomand cu incredere aceste produse, sunt minunate! Mulțumesc Biounique!


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