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Article: The appearance of dark circles - causes and remedies

Apariția cearcănelor - cauze și remedii - BioUnique

The appearance of dark circles - causes and remedies

Circles can be genetic and then we can't reduce them, but most of the time it's because of lifestyle. The skin around the eyes is much thinner and finer than the rest of the skin and in this area there are many thin blood vessels. A secret is to have good blood circulation around the eyes. That's why we prepared the anti-dark circles and bags under the eyes cream with ingredients that help a lot to increase the blood circulation around the eyes.
Other causes that lead to the appearance of dark circles are age, lack of hydration of the body with sufficient water, we must have a good sleep, sitting in front of the computer accelerates the appearance of dark circles. Excessive exposure to the sun also leads to the appearance of dark circles and let's not forget the diet, it would be advisable not to eat a lot of salt.
Tips you can follow at home would be compresses with cold water or cold green tea. Apply to the eye area and wait until you feel them warm, then repeat the process a few times.
We recommend the anti-dark circles and bags under the eyes cream that contains ingredients such as green tea extract, caffeine, seaweed, safflower oil. It is an anti-wrinkle cream that is applied daily in the morning and evening. The effects can be seen over time because it is not a treatment, it is a cream that is used daily and visibly reduces dark circles if used correctly.
Learn to control dark circles!
What other remedies do you know against dark circles?

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