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Article: Pigment spots!

Petele pigmentare! - BioUnique

Pigment spots!

Pigment spots are the brown spots most often found on the skin, but we can also have them on certain surfaces of the body. Skin color is caused by the level of melanin in the skin. Freckles are the most common on the skin, they are accentuated when the skin is exposed to the sun. Brown pigment spots appear most often due to exposure to the sun, the hormonal system (increased secretion of hormones) or if we use a very abrasive scrub and not least from substances and products containing chemicals.
One remedy to prevent spots is to use creams with UVA and UVB protection factor and avoid sun exposure.
There are also cosmetic products for reducing pigment spots that are concentrated in ingredients such as kojic acid, vitamin C, arbutin, white lily oil. In the Biounique range you can find Anti-Pigmentation Spot Cream, which is a product concentrated in ingredients that help reduce spots on the skin .
But also a good remedy available to everyone is lemon juice applied to the skin, it helps a lot to reduce spots.
And don't forget to protect your skin with a cream that contains a sun protection factor even when it's not sunny outside, it should not be missing from your daily routine either summer or winter.
Take care of your skin!

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