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Article: What are peptides and how do they help you have a wrinkle-free skin!

Ce sunt peptidele și cum te ajută să ai un ten fără riduri! - BioUnique

What are peptides and how do they help you have a wrinkle-free skin!

Peptides are amino acids that form certain proteins. The latter are part of our body from the skin and organs. The most important being collagen because it helps us to have a more elastic, young and wrinkle-free skin. To give you an idea, about 80% of our skin contains collagen. Peptides provide great elasticity to the skin, reduce wrinkles, whether deep or fine, have an anti-inflammatory effect, have a skin regeneration effect.
Wrinkles appear when the peptides in the skin decrease, that's why we need to use cosmetic products that contain peptides daily. Basically, we nourish the collagen in the skin, especially after the age of 30, so that it does not decrease. By not nourishing the collagen, the skin can sag, wrinkles appear, the skin becomes dry - rigid, i.e. without elasticity.
An equally important thing is to protect the skin daily with a special cream that contains a minimum sun protection factor of 30+. Attention, the cream must be exclusively for sun protection, not 2 in 1. Each cream has its benefits. We can apply the cream with sun protection factor and after 10 minutes we apply the one with anti-aging peptides.
We can have peptides in the body and from food, which is essential. Fish, eggs, milk are some of the things we can eat daily to have a healthy body inside and outside. And let's not forget the hydration of the whole body - we must drink at least 1l of water daily if we can't do more.
We created the Anti-Aging cream that contains a large amount of peptides that help you have a velvety and healthy skin! Do you use it?

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