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Article: Washing the skin with a gentle product

Spălarea tenului cu un produs delicat - BioUnique

Washing the skin with a gentle product

Cleansing is the first fundamental step of your facial routine. It is essential that our skin is clean and free of impurities so that it remains healthy and the products we apply penetrate the layers of the skin and the results are visible. If you live in a city, it is even more important not to forget to clean your face daily, because the skin is the area most exposed to pollution.

Why is this step in the care routine important?

Some people ignore this step or use non-specific face products such as body shower gel. This is not recommended as the skin on your face is thinner and more delicate and body cleansers can be irritating. If you wear makeup, you should also use a makeup remover and clean after removing it.

It is important to have a good daily facial hygiene to remove the sebum, sweat and pollution accumulated during the day and thus to avoid an increase in saprophytic microbial flora, causing many skin problems such as acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis , but also because dirt creates a barrier on the skin that prevents the correct absorption of the active ingredients in the cosmetics.

Proper care should start with the use of a facial cleansing gel , as it helps to keep the skin clean, removes dirt, sweat, excess sebum (oils naturally produced by the skin), bacteria and environmental particles that adhere daily to our skin. Facial cleansers should be gentle, as the skin is. In addition to cleansing, they help keep our skin hydrated.

Isn't just water enough to cleanse the skin?

If we wash our face only with water, we do not remove makeup, sebum or most of the pollutants that accumulate during the day, because these elements are not soluble in water. For proper skin hygiene, we need the action of an oily base, present in the active agents of the cleaning product, which have a role in attracting impurities. The quality used is important and it is recommended not to use aggressive and irritating cosmetics. Cleansing solutions should contain a neutral pH and be formulated with skin-friendly ingredients, but which, at the same time, effectively remove dirt from the surface of the skin.

Types of facial cleansers

These cosmetics will be chosen according to the type of skin (dry, mixed or oily) and the problems you have (acne, redness, itching, dehydration), because each type will have a different texture and composition, which is intended to target healing skin problems.

Cleansers for dry skin are rich in nourishing substances, and the textures, in addition to cleaning, nourish the skin. If you have combination skin, foam gels are a good option, and for oily skin, gel textures are usually best, as they fight shine and give a feeling of freshness.

If your skin is sensitive, use mild cleansers that have few ingredients and are non-irritating. Choose variants without fragrance in the list of ingredients and without other aggressive compounds, but look for gel versions that contain substances that calm and soften the skin, such as rose, aloe vera, or chamomile.

How to use the cleansing gel?
The use will depend on the type of product, as there are also some in powder form, for example. The most frequently used and effective are those in the form of facial cleansing gel , and our tips for effective cleansing are:

Step 1: Take enough product and massage it between your palms to melt the texture or foam, and then apply to your face.

Step 2: Massage for a few seconds, making circular movements all over the face, including the neck, nose. It is very important not to skip the areas around the lips, but also those close to the hairline.

Step 3: Finally, rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.

This cleansing should be done in the morning and evening. However, the most important is the one performed in the evening, because through it we manage to remove make-up, pollution, dirt, sebum residues, sun protection and sweat, leaving the skin ready for regeneration during the night.

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